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Millennial Mainframer is a grassroots blog powered by college students and early mainframe professionals interested in IBM mainframe technologies. We produce original content for the benefit of the mainframe universe and help voice a fresh view from a millennial perspective.

zEnterprise Newsletter – 4Q2014

Check out the 4Q2014 edition of the zEnterprise Newsletter. Articles include: The Value of Mobile Workload Pricing for z/OS By David Chase The Value of z/VM CPU Pooling by Romney White DevOps: What is it and how does it relate to System z? by Rosalind Radcliffe Read more →

“Oldest” Software Contest: Second Follow-Up

I’ve let some days elapse since posing a series of challenges to our readers to name the world’s “oldest” software. We had a few good nominations, and I offered my own ideas to try to answer one of the questions. Here’s another follow-up post offering a couple reasonable answers to the second question: what’s the oldest program still running on… Read more →

Mongo Comes to Mainframe Town

Mongo is here! No, not that Mongo. (Previous link possibly “Not Safe for Work.”)  MongoDB, a “NoSQL” database. Via the Linux and Mainframe blog comes news that you can now easily build and run the latest release of MongoDB on Linux on zEnterprise. Also, DB2 for z/OS supports MongoDB’s JSON-oriented query language. That means you can develop an application that supports MongoDB (including… Read more →